Satellite Events on Digital Twins of the Ocean

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25 October 2023, 8-10 am and 8-10 pm
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Interoperability architectures for Digital Twins of the Ocean - outcomes from TURTLE, an affiliated project to DITTO
Since its start in September 2022, TURTLE has facilitated discussions on digital twin interoperability from the ongoing Digital Twins project in the EU and the UK. We want to will gather an international audience to discuss outcomes and to connect to and onboard a larger community working with Digital Twins of the Ocean or Earth. This interactive webinar will be a warm-up to session 5 in Xiamen.
We will introduce the active projects contributing to TURTLE and their approach to interoperable Digital Twin architectures and then give the word to other initiatives to foster a discussion on digital twin frameworks and architectures followed by a discussion: how can we leverage the ongoing activities and foster collaboration and interoperability between twins?

Ute Brönner (SINTEF Ocean, Climate & Environment),
B.J. (Jeroen) Broekhuijsen (TNO), Justin J.H. Buck (NOC), Marina Tonani (Mercator)


1 November 2023,  14:00-18:20 GMT, event link available soon.

Coastal Zone Digital Twins - Use cases and advanced technologies

NASA, NOAA and CNES are working together to develop a federated global coastal zone digital twin (CZDT) under the umbrella of the Space Climate Observatory (SCO). 

We seek interaction with others working coastal zone problems and solutions and invite discussions based on relevant use cases presented during the satellite meeting.  Presentations selected from from submitted use cases (template to be provided). There will be time allocated for group discussions.

Jon Ranson, Laura Roberts


6 November 2023,         14:30 GMT/UTC,             event link

Standards and Best Practices for Digital Twins
In this event, we will convene experts and practitioners from the DITTO world and the broader DT of the Earth community to discuss ongoing and upcoming standards work, their experiences on developing and sharing best practices and their use of them in new DTO projects.
The event is leading up to the DITTO summit, and should raise awareness of participants on the importance of SBPs.

A follow-up satellite event is planned for late November, aiming to collaboratively build a roadmap for Standards and Best Practices for DTOs with the output of this event and the DITTO summit. 

Sigmund Kluckner, IEEE France / IEEE OES / Iliad


13 November 2023, 13:00-14:30 GMT, 
zoom link for the event
Meeting-ID: 656 8393 8085
Kenncode: 971659

Towards a healthy ocean for all and beyond

The B1OH-initiative wants to engage with finding solutions for the current predicament and point towards what can be called healthy ocean for all and beyond.

The event will be a 90 minutes workshop on the topic of (one) ocean health. Three short presentations (15 mins plus 5 mins of questions each) will provide impulse for an interactive discussion.

Marie-Catherine Riekhof, Lotta Clara Kluger, Thorsten Blenckner, Ute Hentschel Humeida, Ruth Schmitz-Streit


20 November 2023 15:00-19:10 Japan Standard Time, event link available soon.

4-Dimensional Virtual Earth for Ocean Studies and Applications

This event shall delve into the remarkable strides achieved in ocean data science and their transformative applications. The focal point of our discussions shall be the realization of a sustainable global ocean, fortified by our collective endeavors and to share the information from the DITTO Summit meeting being held at Xiamen during 9-12 November.

Your participation and involvement in this enlightening endeavor are warmly encouraged, as we strive to harmonize our efforts toward safeguarding our planet's most vital resource—the ocean.

Swadhin Behera JAMSTEC


22 November 2023         1700 (UTC) to 1900 (UTC),

Meeting Registration - Zoom

Enabling Digital Twins of The Ocean for Canada

In this webinar jointly hosted by Tula, DFO, and ECCC, we aim to
(a) inform stakeholders interested in developing and/or using DTOs to better understand the concept, its potential and limitations; and
(b) understand the opportunities and challenges facing the development of DTOs in the Canadian context.

The potential outcomes include a more engaged and better-connected community-of-practice, better understanding of current activities and gaps that need to be addressed, and ideas for future courses of action and next steps.

Pramod Thupaki, Tula Foundation; Isabelle Gaboury, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)


24th November 11 am – 12 pm GMT+0
Event link

DTO-BioFlow, Integrating Marine biodiversity data into the Digital Twin of the Ocean

The ocean and its biodiversity are essential to life on this planet. Comprehensive data on biodiversity and related human and environmental pressures are crucial to understanding its current state and how this may change. Despite myriad actors collecting biodiversity data, and the development of novel cost-effective monitoring technologies, much data is inaccessible or unusable. The DTO BioFlow project “Integration of biodiversity monitoring data into the Digital Twin Ocean” will activate access to ("sleeping") marine biodiversity data and enable the sustainable integration of existing and new Artificial Intelligence processed and automated data flows from various sources to generate a digital replica of marine biological processes and transform new and current data flows into evidence-based knowledge, supporting the development of policy-relevant tools and services for effective monitoring, restoration, and protection of marine biodiversity.

Joana Soares
Atlantic International Research Center (AIR Centre)


more satellite events to come....


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Each individual events have the objective to support the engagement and advancement of actions in the broad area of Digital Twins of the Ocean. The specific formats of the events can range from short informal meetings to many hours-long hackathons, from local consultations, poster sessions to regional or global workshops, with invited speaker or simple open discussion fora. They can be in English or other languages.

Be creative and bring together people around the globe interested in digital twins of the ocean!


More events to come...

Virtual events on Digital Twins of the Ocean are continously updated.


Please find more information in the call for satellites or on the "Home"-page of this websitetThe specific formats of the events can range from short informal meetings to many hours-long hackathons, from local consultations, poster sessions to regional or global workshops, with invited speaker or simple open discussion fora. They can be in English or other languages.

Be creative and bring together people around the globe interested in digital twins of the ocean! 

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