October 9 – November 6


November 13 – 24, 2023

Parallel to the main event in Xiamen, International Digital Twins of the Ocean Summit, GEOMAR/Germany is coordinating a worldwide series of satellite virtual events. Each individual satellite event has the objective to support the engagement and advancement of actions in the broad area of Digital Twins of the Ocean. The specific formats of the events can range from short informal meetings to hour-long hackathons, from local consultations, poster sessions to regional or global workshops, with invited speakers or simple open discussion fora. Our only requirement is that they are open to the public, so be creative. Apply to host a satellite event and join us in bringing together people around the globe interested in digital twins of the ocean to improve our understanding of the ocean in order to better protect it.

Purpose of Satellite events on Digital Twins of the Ocean

There is a lot of local, regional, disciplinary, sectoral but also global interest in the concept of “Digital Twins of the Ocean”. The second DITTO Summit will take place in Xiamen, China, on November 9-12, 2023. The in-person conference is expected to bring together about 400 scholars and practitioners from around the world. However, engagement of the much wider group of potential users, providers, and developers of digital ocean initiatives from a range of scientific and societal sectors is required. There is much to explore, innovate and combine so that the various components required to achieve a fully operational Digital Twin Framework of the Ocean by 2030 can be reached. Obviously, not the entire global community will be able to join the summit in Xiamen. The virtual satellite events provide a means to reach out to and engage the broader community and exchange ideas virtually. Extend your networks, find people interested in your ideas, or use the momentum to discuss, to bring people together, and to bring the topic forward. We would like to encourage you to register your event here

Who can run a satellite event? 

Everyone who wants to be engaged in the topic of digital
twins of the ocean is invited to organise and register their
own satellite event. Please feel free to join one of our
information sessions on July 18 or September 5, 2023:

When can the event happen? 

Satellite events can take place a month prior to (October 9 - November 6, 2023) or two weeks after (November 13 - 24, 2023) the Summit in Xiamen, China. No satellite events will take place during the Summit (November 9-12, 2023).

Need more information?

Please feel free to join us on of our information sessions: Dates for information hours to DITTO satellite events.

How to run the event?

You are free to choose the platform for your virtual event
(ZOOM, MS-Teams, Webex, GatherTown etc.). However, you
need to use Eventbrite to register and advertise your event.
In addition to Eventbrite, we will centrally advertise your
event on a dedicated website. This allows us to centrally
publish and promote all satellite events by using your
Eventbrite link on our webpage (
After the event, we will ask you to hand in a 1-2-page
summary document, i.e. focus on results, outcomes and
future actions.

Which formats are possible? 

Your satellite event can be a very informal meeting such as a discussion forum open for engagement as well as a formal meeting with invited speakers; run a workshop or a hackathon, hold a working group meeting or a poster session – your satellite event can last 45 minutes, three hours, or several days – let us know your idea and let us bring forward the ideas and opportunities on digital twins of the ocean! Please let us know if you would like to reach out for someone from the DITTO steering committee for being involved in your meeting.

How to register? 

Please register your satellite event supporting the topic of
digital twins of the ocean here:
Registration Form
We will briefly review your events to ensure that your topic
is related to Digital Twins of the Ocean and open for others
to participate. After a successful review you will receive a
confirmation. There is no final deadline to register an event.

Do you want to hold a satellite event on Digital Twins of the Ocean? 

  • You choose the timeframe, format, and platform to run your event and that fit best to your idea.
  • You can choose the system you will use, however we would like to ask you to use eventbrite for the registration
  • We will add your event to the program of satellite events here (including the eventbrite links)
  • We will support the advertisement of your event.
  • After the meeting we will ask you to hand in a 1-2-page document summarizing the meeting; i.e. focus on results, outcomes and future actions. 

Contact for more information:

Martin Visbeck (GEOMAR, DITTO Programme Coordinator), Ann-Christine Zinkann (NOAA, Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP), Jing Li (CLIVAR, Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP)), and Joana Kollert (GEOMAR).

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